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Our Italian partner has put every resource in their disposal to develop Prima for Food House. Prima is a premium brand which is a well-known in the Libyan market for its delicious pasta noodles. The product range of prima also includes flour and couscous. The prima name is linked to high quality products in Libya, which was reached by being close to the customers and their needs.


Basma is the most recent brand to join the Food House family. Basma specialized in vegetarian products that fulfill the daily needs of protein and fiber. Basma’s products are selected with extra care to reach the Libyan consumer at the finest condition. Basma has wide selection of products including beans, nuts, olives and spicy sauces.


Since its inception in 2008, Albaraka is one of  the leading brands in the Libyan food commodities sector. It began with only consumable oil and it grew to cover all food commodities that Libyan households need, such as rice, sugar, tea, tomato paste and tuna cans. The values that have been Albaraka are freshness, developing win-win relationships, and high-quality products that are loved by consumers in Libya. Consumers remain at the heart of Albaraka corporate strategy.


Tebra is our new brand for dairy products, with the help of our European partners we introduced Tebra to the Libyan market in the summer of 2018. In such short time Tebra managed to win the hearts of the Libyan consumers. All Tebra products are manufactured in Europe according the highest global quality standards. Tebra is targeted at consumers who love dairy products, our consumer testing takes in consideration all aspects that can improve the experience of the customer with Tebra products

Food House

Food House

Food House is the largest FMCG in Libya. Our business model involves the importation of reliable quality FMCG and distributing them all over the country.

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